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The Christian Funeral followed by a Christian Burial or Cremation celebrates the life of the deceased in the whole context of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The Christian Burial & Cremation Society's exclusive network of local funeral homes is comprised of the leaders in our industry who are experts in all aspects of Christian funeral traditions. We understand that what matters most to those who are dealing with a death is guidance and understanding. Our highly acclaimed staff is trained to help guide you and give direction in making the decisions that will meet your needs before, during and after a death. We are Professional Remembrance Planners who work closely with clergy from all Christian denominations and local Churches representing all Christian Faiths. Every exclusive funeral home provider for the Christian Burial & Cremation Society is committed to offering a wide selection of burial, cremation and remembrance options.

The Christian funeral focuses on the deceased entry into Heaven and God's ability to bring comfort to the hearts of those who mourn.

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Preplanning your Christian funeral, Christian burial or Christian cremation begins by becoming a Free Member of the Christian Burial & Cremation Society. It's the first step in easing the emotional burden of decision making for both you and your family. Planning in advance gives you the opportunity to consider alternatives concerning your final arrangements on your own terms and provides you peace of mind in knowing that your affairs are in order and your wishes will be fulfilled. Selecting and documenting your final arrangement wishes will eliminate the uncertainty, confusion and financial burden from the shoulders of your family

Planning your Christian funeral in advance will pay off both emotionally and financially for you and your family. We spend a lifetime planning for the precious moments in our lives: birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and of course, our retirement. But there is one event that we tend not to plan for yet it’s guaranteed to happen...our funeral. You may consider a pre-payment option. Exclusive CBCS funeral homes work with leaders in the financial services sector who provide safe, stable & sound solutions for the funeral industry. The funds are placed in an insurance policy, trust, or an annuity and remain there until the death occurs.

We Are Experts at Helping Hearts Heal

Our Promise & Pledge

We are funeral service professionals with a sincere desire to reward each family who has placed their trust and confidence in us by being attentive to every detail, displaying the highest level of courtesy and compassion and providing the greatest measure of respect for your wishes.

We pledge to be a professional resource for the benefit of the entire community and accept this unique responsibility to honor the dignity of life, to aid the family in time of grief and to encourage remembrance with each family within its own traditions, culture and financial means.

We understand that the ritual of ceremony is one that plays a significant role in our lives and that meaningful ceremonies do not just occur, they are events that require guidance and thoughtful planning. As Professional Remembrance Planners our goal is to help families find joy in the way you choose to remember, honor and celebrate the wonderful life of their loved one.